Social Media pet peeves


I know, I know its been a while, but I’m back! I took a “early summer vacation” lol I’ve had a lot of time to spend with family and also a lot of time to spend living in the social media world for a while and I’ve been debating if I should even blog about this because I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but to be honest, I just want to bring the humor of my pet peeves to light. If you’re not fluent in sarcasm I would say this blog isn’t for you. This post is not directed at any one person specifically and is nothing too serious. Chill out and hopefully laugh at yourself if this happens to be you. Here are some of my pet peeves about things that happen in the social media world!


You know what… props to you! I don’t have the self confidences to post selfies all the time on Facebook or Instagram. I’ll post a selfie every now and then when i’m feeling myself or my outfit that particular day or night, but to ONLY post selfies gets a bit annoying. For family and friends I do love your sweet faces, but after the 4th self portrait, i’m rolling my eyes lol


I hate you and your nice body and all the free time you get to spend at the gym…

Inspirational SELFIES

These type of selfies crack me up all the time!! People take selfies, and as their caption, put a very inspirational quote…like…what does that quote have to do with your face?? hahaha I guess it’s better than admitting your bored and have nothing to do with your self.


OH EM GEE… you’re not cool… period!

Super Proud Mommy Post

Oh geez, being that i’m a mommy myself, I don’t even know where to begin? I feel like this deserves it’s own blog post lol I get it… YOU have the most adorable baby in the world and we all know he/she is the reason for your existence, the reason why you wake up every morning and go to work, your hashtag “Blessing” hashtag “MyEverything” hashtag “MyWorld”. I get it… I get it!!

Drama Post!

What are you? in highschool? (well unless you are in high school then okay lol) Calling out people to fight over social media is like… gosh I have no words?! thats how utterly childish it is. Grow up or go to jail… thats where you’ll be for physically assaulting someone that your smart ass just publicly threatened over social media… it’s called “Intentional harm” with proof!

Confusing status

Posting a status on facebook about how mad or upset you are about what ever got your nickers in a bunch then when someone asks you if your okay… you simply reply “yeah,I’m fine love” WTF? Get your life together lol

Pointless Instagram videos

man… you tricked me. I thought it was going to be a cool 15 second video, but it wasn’t and I just wasted 15 seconds of my life that I wont ever get back.

HashTag Gang

Please stop with the hashtag captions! It’s so annoying to see someone write there whole caption or status out in HASHTAGS! Hashtags are for TOPIC purposes! You hashtag the topic of your picture or status. Here is an example status: “I like turtles! #Turtles #GreenTurtles #SaveTheTurtles” not “#I #Like #Turtles!” and SYMBOLS DO NOT WORK when you hashtag!

Twitter raping

Twitter raping is where you tweet one after another and keep going until I click out of twitter because you felt the need to rape my twitter feed with one word tweets and tweet every single thought that came to your mind in those two minutes you were tweeting. Thanks jerk.


Please… spare us. Just celebrate your ONE year anniversary when you get there!! Cheese and rice people!!!

Follows to Unfollow

okay I know it’s just social media and it should be a big deal but I hate when people follow me on Instagram or twitter and then I follow that person back only to be unfollowed a couple days later so that that person looks like their famous with 2000 some followers and only following 27 people. Phssshhh I’m not you’re groupie. I simply UNFOLLOW and BLOCK you!

Relationship Drama

Like on a serious note… keep your relationship drama off of social media. You make you and your spouse look stupid.

The Mommy Blogger who blogs about her pet peeves

Oh. Well… Hello there 🙂

With all my pet peeves, I may have come to the conclusion that I’m spending entirely wayyyyy to much time on social media, but then I log back on and see everyones post and think, “Nope I’m right” hahaha hope you could relate or got a giggle out of this. Just remember people “Less is MORE”.

You stay classy my friends

Ace Mamii


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